The Conversologist

Every genuine connection and conversation moves you forward.


Anti-funnel Framework

We’re not a fan of funnels because a genuine customer journey isn’t linear.

No click-baits, vanity metrics or ad-hoc tactics. It’s not about the hustle. There are no gimmicks or shortcuts to that kind of long-term marketing.


Our Ethos

If you believe business and marketing are more than funnels, you may be a Conversologist, too.

Genuine connections and conversations, lifetime relationships and earning loyal and trusting customers is our ethos.

We’re in it for the journey, and passionate about marketing as a human interaction – as it is always at the heart of a business. Technology can be an enabler but communication and emotional connection still need to be at its core.

We are trained facilitators of dialogues. A connector in its truest form.


We are not afraid to experiment as discovery is our tool to achieve real-world results.

We know both the mechanics and psychology of customer interactions to offer solutions.

We quickly adapt to changes.

We experience Nerdgasms when doing our work.