Let’s achieve long-term marketing gains, together.

Adapt in an ever-changing digital landscape with like-minded people who support each other. A gamified way to upskill, pick brains and get things done. 

Because every connection moves you forward.



The Conversologist Lab

is a capability-sharing community

for businesses and marketers.

Generous and Open

We generously give our time and energy to the community without the expectation of getting something back. It just happens.

Active Learning Space

We learn together by getting involved in the process. Real-life projects and campaigns. Best practice and expertise sharing. No theory. All practical.

The Lab brings people together to trade, share, enable and support each other day to day.

Conversologist Framework

Aligned with our ethos, we follow a customer-centric framework. The customer journey, like any relationship, is cyclical and not linear. It’s not just about funnels.

What you’ll find and experience…

Peer-to-Peer Feedback

A generous and safe place to ask questions and feedback from your project group and the community around your work. Learn actively with others.

Focus and Accountability

We don’t lurk. We take the next steps to move things forward. We’ve gamified the process to help you keep you on track and work towards a win!


Earn ChatPoints by helping another person in the community, answer questions, and participate in gamified ‘Next Steps’ tasks. Redeem them to gain services you need at the Conversologist Lab Shop.


Celebrating Wins

It’s important to celebrate the wins, both small and big during the journey. We write it down in the forum, recognise and celebrate together. We even have live ‘cheerleading’ calls to hop on to.

Co-working Sessions

Are you stuck? Need to brainstorm? Working alone isn’t fun. We encourage project group members to do live sessions to collaborate and work on a task.

Coaching Calls

Group or one-on-one calls to discuss a project, task, plan or even a new digital industry update.


We encourage you to take risks and experiment. As a result, you’ll experience a surge of excitement, ‘aha’ moments and brain explosions.
The Conversologist Lab Homepage
Conversologist Virtual Co-Working Lab

The Conversologist Lab is NOT…

a workshop or online course

a group to lurk in

a marketplace


Some of the things we tackle and discuss


Digital Set Up

The basics of setting up a channel, from branding to the back-end tracking. 


Digital Tools

What’s the best digital tool you should be using to achieve your goals and keep on going. 


Marketing Automation

The right conversations on the right channels on auto-pilot but next-level. Triggers based on behaviour and relationship status. 



Personal and business content marketing. Long and short form. Alignment with your SEO strategy. 


Customer Journey Map

Focused on the relationship and conversations around the journey. We know it isn’t linear but full of twists and turns. It can sometimes be messy. 


Your ideal customer

We don’t target everyone. You shouldn’t either. Topics around persona development


Social Media

The wonderful world of social engagement and relationships. Social listening, content calendars, metrics, ads and more. 



Advocates who will market you and your business. The process, journey and programmes.


How To

‘How to’ questions and answers. We upskill by doing. We share the outcome and in doing so, we help another to do the same.


Chat Marketing

Conversational marketing, chatbot personalities, messaging app chatbots (e.g. Facebook messenger, Whatsapp) conversation design and more. 

Collaboration and Gains

We all encourage each other to do our best. There is no judgment. There are no experts. Just pure collaboration and recognition of the gains.

Are you keen to learn more?

You've got questions. We might have the answers.

This isn't about us convincing you to join. It's a conversation starter.